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there will be mountains you wont move 2017

since you sent me godspeed 

things appear clearer 


when things appear clearer 

I realise 


you really have let go of the claim on me


the truth 



in a time that was about to come 

I would come to mourn our missing actions


actions for whatever reson were to be done 

in a time that never came


they were chosen to be done with you


Im standing infront of a mountain

an unclimbable mountain infront of me

that has to be moved 


a mountain in-between us

newly petrified 


cool enough not float

warm enough to burn


is it the mountain Frank sings about

the mountain my ability wont move


he sent me godspeed



with force I try to move the rock 

with force not even the gravel leaves

new path 


not a singel sliver 


by its heat I evaporates 

to a cloud floating peacefully in the air


in peace the cloud is floating 

over pointed ridges    


driven by the wind 

driven by godspeed

Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

© 2023 by Håkan Stergos Machlis